Trevor Flanagan-Tordjman plays James in The Next Step Dance Studio.

Biography Edit

Trevor started dancing at the age of four and attended his mother's (Joanne Flanagan[2]) studio, which is called Confidance.[4]

He has appeared in music videos of songs by Shawn Desman ("Night Like This"[2]) and Victoria Duffield. [5]

As well as being a dancer, Trevor is a musician and began drumming and rapping just before he was a teenager.[5]

In 2012, he got the role of James on The Next Step.[4] James also appears in Lost & Found Music Studios.

Trevor got the part of Bucky on DCOM's Zombies.


Trevor's mother is called Joanne.[2] He has a younger brother called Steven.[6]

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Annabelle season 1 episode 4 quote "Okay, please show me."

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