Thomas is John's dad, and is a widower.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Thomas met his wife, they married and had a son, John. Not long before Season 1, Thomas's wife passed away — as a result of which John became withdrawn, shy and quiet.[1]

Season 1Edit

Thomas argues with John when Luke is at their house.[2]

He argues with John again, which infuriates John so much that he moves out of home and into his band's van, the Mutt-Cracker.[3]

Personality Edit

Thomas is blunt and argumentative.

Physical Appearance Edit

Thomas is a large, burly man with shoulder-length blond hair and fair skin. He has a mustache and accompanying beard, as well as a series of wrinkles of his face.

Relationships Edit

John Edit

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John is Thomas's son with whom he has a tension-filled relationship.[2]

Luke Edit

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Luke is quick to stop arguments between John and his father, as shown in the first episode. He can short-circuit tension between the two by talking to Thomas, mostly giving compliments and talking about the weather.


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