Rachel is a member of Lost & Found Music Studios. She is best friends with Leia, and they are both part of girl group, alongside Maggie and Annabelle (Maggiebelle)

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Rachel met Leia at auditions at Lost & Found Music Studios two years before the show while warming up outside Busker Alley; the two became fast friends. She also made it into the studio.

Season 1 Edit

Rachel is ecstatic when her song "Now Is Our Time" gets picked for auditions, although, she grows hurt when she overhears Leia discrediting the song.[1] She "cashes in her chip" wanting Leia's song-writing expertise so that she can become a stellar songwriter.[1] Despite her frustration, Rachel eventually concocts her first heartfelt line.[1]

Personality Edit

Rachel is cynical.[2] Sarah Carmosino said that Rachel loves to be organized and in control; despite this, Rachel is rarely in control, except when she shows how selfish she can be when she shows that she values her music and her band over love and friendship and the people she cares about. but at the end of day, always means well.[3] Sarah said, in another Q & A, that she thinks Rachel is also sarcastic and loyal. Although she is shown to be not that smart as shown when she couldn't tell Maggie was using her to harass Leia, while Annabelle could. She is also shown to be feisty, demanding and aggressive and very passionate about her feelings for Nate. As soon as she develops them.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rachel is pale, with long dark hair and green eyes.

Relationships Edit

Leia Edit

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Ever since meeting Leia two years ago at auditions, Rachel and Leia have been best friends.

Nate Edit

Rachel receives a love letter from her secret admirer, who turns out to be Nate. After being told he is too young, she tells him to wait two years and then give her a call, she also kisses him on his cheek

Quotes Edit

Won't you just pick a song you've already written? You have, like, a million and two of them!

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References Edit

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