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Michelle is a former member of The Next Step Dance Studio and John's girlfriend.


Before the ShowEdit

Michelle is a part of The Next Step Dance Studio along with her friends Riley and Giselle. She was born in Madison, Wisconsin.


Michelle is bubbly and kind. She's a naturally sweet and supporting friend. She is always there for you and nice to be around. Michelle can be quite shy too when it comes to John as she never knows what to expect.

Physical appearanceEdit

Michelle has blonde shoulder-length hair and tanned skin. She usually wears skirts and dresses in pink.



Riley is Michelle's best friend at The Next Step Dance Studio. Riley later helps Michelle out with her relationship with John.[1]


Michelle has romantic feelings towards John. In the second season, John starts to open up to Michelle and they become good friends. John helps her out by writing her a song for a trio performance she is doing with Giselle and Riley.


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