Michael Torontow plays Mr. T in Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography[1] Edit

Michael was born in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1977.

As he was growing up, Michael was not interested in acting; until his last year of attending a school, Bell High School when he became fascinated by it: he was a part of a school musical. Later on, Michael enrolled in a Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering (combined) programme at the University of Ottawa; and consequently tried to excel in it, and eventually become a doctor. At the same time at this, he took singing lessons, and began to join many local musical theatre clubs. One includes the Orpheus Musical Theatre Society. After doing so, he began to have a new passion for acting and singing, and decided to transfer programmes, after having his parents' blessing. As a result of working hard on the programme, Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

To improve his acting career, he decided to audition for big shows, after finding out that his friends got a part in a Toronto-based production, "Mamma Mia!" and did so too, after travelling from Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec; but unfortunately did not get into either. Despite this, he carried on trying to improve.

Michael graduated from university, and feeling determined, decided to re-audition for the "Mamma Mia!" production, and got the same answer as before. However, just over a month later was when he was offered a spot in a touring company in the USA; and after doing two years of doing so, got the part of "Link Larkin" in a theatre production of "Hairspray," in 2004.

Just after that, Michael tried to get on to television shows as well as just theatre productions; he got several roles, and around 2015 got the part of "Mr. T" in Lost & Found Music Studios.


Michael's mother is called Silvia and his father is called Laurence. Michael is his older brother and his younger sibling is called Andrea.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael is the oldest cast member (who plays a main character) on the show.


Annabelle season 1 episode 4 quote "Okay, please show me."

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