Keara Graves plays Leia in Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography Edit

Keara grew up in Sault Ste. Marie.[Note 1]

Keara appeared in The Doodlebops as a young child.[2] Keara started dancing at the age of four and continued until fifteen.[Note 1]

Keara started singing, after being inspired by her grandmother who is also a singer.[Note 1] She wrote her first original song, when she was sixteen, called "Home".[3]

Keara is of half-Irish descent.[Note 1]

Family Edit

Keara has an older sister named Alexa.[Note 1] Keara's mother, the actors that, plays Patricia. Her parents used to live in Finland as well as in Switzerland.[Note 1] Her grandmother is a singer and initially inspired her to sing.[Note 1]

Trivia Edit

  • Keara is a Christian.[3]
  • Her favourite colour is light pink.[4]
  • Her music genre is jazz.[4]
  • Keara once tore her hamstrings whilst dancing.[Note 1]
  • Her favourite ice-cream flavour is chocolate.[Note 1]
  • Her favourite artist is Lana Del Rey.[Note 1]
  • Keara's favourite TV series is Supernatural.[Note 1]
  • Keara is scared of ghosts.[Note 1]
  • Keara is bisexual.

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Notes Edit

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