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Johnchelle is a canon pairing between John and Michelle.

Songs Edit

History Edit

It is revealed John has a huge crush on Michelle.[1] It has also been revealed that Michelle has the same feelings back.[2] Neither of them have actually confessed to one another about their romantic feelings towards each other, but Michelle has asked John on a date, to which he accepts.[3]

Moments Edit

Season 1 Edit

"Lost & Found" Edit

  • John has a crush on Michelle.
  • John writes a romantic song, dedicated to Michelle.
  • Michelle smiles at John.
  • Michelle compliments John on his performance.
  • Michelle is looking for John.

"Play the Record"Edit

  • John nods at Michelle.
  • Michelle waves at John.
  • Michelle watches John (and his band) perform "Best Day."

"Day After Day"Edit

  • Michelle asks John out on a date.
  • They go on a date.


  • John thinks of asking Michelle out on a date.
  • The two converse in Java Junction.

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