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John is a quiet kid, and he doesn't even stand up for himself, but he stood up for Annabelle.

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John Edward[1] (referred to as Alex in the pilot[2]) is a singer at Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

One day, John comes home from school, looking to show his mother a drawing he did that day, he finds her lying on the bed. He initially assumes that she was sleeping, but it turns out that she took her own life. This event changes John forever, causing him to become very shy and quiet. John started the band with Luke, deciding on this in the middle of a video game session with Luke. John became the back-up vocalist and lead guitarist in a band with James, Theo and Luke.

Season 1 Edit

John struggles with his romantic feelings for Michelle and dealing with what happened to his mom not wanting Michelle to get close afraid she might see the real him hes also afraid he is the reason his mom did what she did [taking her own life not ]not telling Michelle how he feels and living in pink midnight [van] also not wanting Michelle to find out .[3]

Season 2 Edit

John continues to struggle with telling Michelle about his feelings for her. Michelle suggests being just friends and John agrees. The awkwardness between them disappears and they start to hang out more often. Eva reaches out to John for a favor. She finds herself wanting to get her first kiss out of the way and John does as well so they decide to use each other as this meaningless kiss. They struggle to kiss each other at first but at the end of the episode they do and both realize they're ready to make moves on the person they really like, Michelle being John's person of choice.

John finds himself noticing a worsening mental health in Clara to the point of him assisting in her taking time off of music to go to a hospital. Once seeing this play out he is reminded of how his mother acted. He then reveals that his mother committed suicide and he found her. After this he shows signs of similar issues by sabotaging himself with Michelle. At the end of the final Michelle declares her love for him after he tells her he is broken and he doesn't want to hurt her.

Personality Edit

Ever since his mother passed away,[3] John has been withdrawn, shy, and quiet. He often talks to Luke about his experience of losing a loved one when Luke is down. Sharing how he learned to "live in the moment" and take advantage of what's in front him, with regards to being part of a band with his three best friends.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

John has fair skin, green eyes and brown hair. John is relatively short.

Wardrobe Edit

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He is often seen wearing a beanie, a flannel shirt and jeans.

Relationships Edit

Luke Edit

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Luke is John's best friend and confidant. They have known each other for ages and often confide in each other about girls and music. The two are often seen hanging out on the patio at Java Junction.[3]

Thomas Edit

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John has a negative relationship with his widowed father, Thomas, whom he often argues with over small things like taking the trash out.

Michelle Edit

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John has romantic feelings for Michelle. Michelle, who feels the same way, is aware of John's romantic feelings. However, John is not aware of Michelle's feelings towards him. Although in Season 2, their relationship develops.

Eva Edit

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From the already-aired episodes, it can be gathered that Eva is one of John's friends. In the Season 1.5 Trailer, John nearly kisses Eva, but Luke enters and interrupts the moment.

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Notes Edit

  1. It is presumable that Lost & Found Music Studios is set in Toronto, where The Next Step is set. John has been seen driving before (in the episode, "Invincible"); and, in Toronto, to drive, one must be at least sixteen years old, meaning that 16 is the minimum age that John could be. In a synopsis of the show, it states that the Lost & Found Music Studios musicians are in high school, in which people are between 14 and 18 years old, meaning that this is the maximum age that John, a Lost & Found Music Studios member, could be.

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