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Jiley is the canon pairing between James and Riley.


Riley and James first hit their love spark in the S1 auditions where Riley blushed during his go. Then later they went on their first date where they ate food from AROUND THE WORLD! Even later Riley caught James kissing his ex - Beth. Riley made up a giant list of things James would do to prove he still loved Riley. Just before Nationals he had done it! And at Nationals their duet WON! At internationals nothing rocked their boat but in S4 Riley kissed Alfie when James went to London for a hip hop comp with his mates West and Eldon. In S5 Riley went to business school and James well I don’t really remember where he went! But they later showed up at the dancathon that Michelle and Piper ran (piper being James‘ lil sis) to raise money for heather to join TNS.

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  • The two converse.