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James is a former dancer and former member from The Next Step Dance Studio, as well as a drummer in Lost & Found, jalongside with his friends Luke, Theo, and John. James and Lida

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

James starts dancing at The Next Step and learns how to play the drums. James starts to like and dated a girl named Riley, who he still is dating now. James joins Luke, Theo, and John's band since they were in need of a drummer and practiced in the same building as The Next Step Dance Studio.[1]

Season 1 Edit

James is the drummer in Luke, Theo, and John's band, and often practices with them at Lost & Found Music Studios. He struggles with a solo but with the help of Theo he gets there in the end. He makes a bet with Jude who will think of a song first Luke and Theo or John. He loses the bet thinking putting two heads together it would be better, and gives Jude five dollars.

Personality Edit

James is a laid-back and chill guy with a flair for sarcasm and dry wit. However when it comes to his girlfriend Riley he can be really sweet and loving. He loves her ever so much and acts more mature. He's a great companion to his friends and can calm people easily. He can be a real joker but knows his limits as well. He is an amazing drummer but has a few steps to take.

Physical Appearance Edit

James is a tall and good looking boy, who has a tanned complexion, dark hair and dark brown eyes.


He is usually seen wearing dark colors in his outfits.

Relationships Edit

Riley Edit

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Riley is James's girlfriend. They have been dating for a long time .


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  • "Don't even worry about it!"
  • "Dr. James is now in session."

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References Edit

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