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Isaac is a singer at Lost & Found Music Studios and the younger brother of Tully.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit

Issac works at his dad's flower shop. When he is supposed to be working, he sings, which results in his father having to tell him to get back to work,
Isaac's dad isaac season 1 plr

Isaac is told by his father to continue work.

and wishes for his life to change.[1] His home life is difficult[2] and he is bullied by neighbourhood kids, but is saved by another neighbour.[1] Issac is ecstatic when he is sent a message confirming that he is allowed to audition for Lost & Found and accepts this opportunity.[1]

Isaac calms Clara down as she is extremely nervous to perform in front of an audience. Ultimately, her performance goes well. Isaac and Clara briefly show some affection for each other, but it quickly diminishes. Isaac auditions on Day 2 of auditions and blows the audience away when he performs "Original."[3]

Isaac works at his father's flower shop and hears his phone vibrate and checks it. He reads a message stating that he has got a place at Lost & Found Music Studios; he is ecstatic and takes the place.[4]

Isaac performs with Clara (and other studio members) and watches when she gets stage fright.[5]

During Tyler Shaw's (a famous musician) visit, Isaac dances to a song, with the other studio members.[6]

Isaac converses with Jude in Java Junction. Underneath the table is Eva's diary, which Jude picks up. Isaac, alongside Jude, find lyrics to a song that Eva had composed; this song was meant to be private, and only Eva could know about it. With Jude, Isaac performs the song (that is called "Potent Love, Pour It Up") which ensues in Eva becoming very upset.[7]

It is revealed that Tully is Isaac's brother; Isaac says that he is the only one who knows how bad Tully is.[8]

Personality Edit

Isaac is a very confident kid. He's very determined and headstrong.

Physical appearance Edit

Isaac has dark skin, dark brown eyes, and a small dark brown afro.

Relationships Edit


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Clara is presumably one of Isaac's closest friends. Isaac helps her during auditions for Lost & Found by calming her down.[3]


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Jude is Isaac's friend; they perform a duet together.[7]


Jude and Isaac are friends in series 2

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