Hannah is a musician at Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Hannah auditioned for the studio and got in.

Season 1 Edit

Hannah is still in awe of Lost & Found despite being at the studio for one year.[1]

When talking to Leia, Hannah notices Rachel eavesdropping on Leia's negative comments concerning her. So as to make Leia aware of this, she greets Rachel.[2]

Hannah leads a song circle, having gathered up some new musicians including Clara. Hannah notices Clara not singing, so after the song approaches Clara and invites her to perform on the stage of The Bull Pen. Hannah performs and encourages Clara to sing and watches when she runs out of the room.[3]

Hannah enters The Rose Room to Maggie and Leia singing their original song. Amazed at the song, Hannah requests, to Maggie, if she can perform a cover of the song at Open Stage. Hannah is granted permission to do so and is jubilant at this. She seemingly performs successfully.[4]

season 2

hannah sings the opening song with everyone else who goes to lost and found

Personality Edit

Hannah acts much like a mother hen.[5] She is always full of joy (she is rarely angry) and is very appreciative of anything that comes her way. Hannah is very kind and treats others well.

Physical appearance Edit


Hannah has dirty blonde hair, dark eyes, and light skin. She is very short.


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Hannah often wears blues and greens.



See also: Clara

Hannah is willing to be Clara's friend, after she plagiarised "Free Bird"[6], and invites her to the Magenta City concert. Hannah cares much about Clara and is there for her, seeing as she does not retort back to Clara's outburst upon calling everyone stupid.[7]


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Hannah dislikes Mary after she bails on her practice for her band audition.[8] However, they must have made up since Hannah is invited by Mary to see her song in "How Far We've Come."


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