• FandomFreakOTNS


    January 5, 2018 by FandomFreakOTNS

    Hey, so I just wanted to advertise my new fanfiction on my wattpad account; it is called "Lost & Found III" and is what I want season 3 to be, please, read it. I want more readers, the next chapter should be out soon. If you guys want me to post it here, I'll do it. Just, say it.

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  • Bluebirdthatdoesntfly12809876

    For those of you who live in England cbbc didn't air Falling for you episode which is the 10th episode in lost and found season 2 unfortunately but here is a link where you can watch it but unfortunately it is in French.

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    April 8, 2017 by SWACTNS

    Lost and found on ccbbc is s o maen thsu b;locked amn rpoidpon omg !q

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  • Mickyfickie

    Featured: January 2017

    December 30, 2016 by Mickyfickie
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  • Mickyfickie

    Featured: December 2016

    November 27, 2016 by Mickyfickie

    Vote for December's featured articles:

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  • Mickyfickie

    Here is the vote for November's featured articles!

    Here are last month's results:

    • Character: Annabelle
    • Pairing: Gisiley (Giselle & Riley)
    • Song: "Thunder Keeps Roaming"

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  • Mickyfickie

    Featured: October 2016

    September 1, 2016 by Mickyfickie

    Hello, everyone! It's Mickyfickie and here is the vote for the Featured Articles of October 2016.

    Here are last month's results:

    • Character: Michelle
    • Pairing: Lukechel (Luke & Rachel)
    • Song: "Falling for You"

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  • DanceMomsLover27


    August 18, 2016 by DanceMomsLover27

    Hey I'm Zoey aka DanceMomsLover27. I'm in love with MADDIE ZIEGLER!!!!! I love Lost & Found. My fave characters are:


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  • Mickyfickie


    This blog includes the vote for the September 2016 Featured Articles!

    Here are last month's results:

    • Character: Eva
    • Pairing: Leichel (Leia & Rachel)
    • Song: "Broken By You (Luke & Leia)"

    Thank you! Have fun voting!

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  • Mickyfickie

    Here are the results for July's vote:

    • Featured character: Riley
    • Featured pairing: Michiley
    • Featured song: "Potent Love, Pour It Up"

    The vote will close on 1st August, 2016.

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  • Mickyfickie


    On this blog is the vote for the Featured Articles of July 2016.

    Last month, there were, overall, 119 votes; this time, there were 143!

    Here are the results from the June vote (the ones in bold are the winners):

    Also, if there is a tie, the Featured Article will be the most visited page.

    Hannah (2 votes)
    Luke (22 votes)
    Theo (4 votes)
    Eva (16 votes)
    Jude (5 votes)
    Rachel (6 votes)
    Mr. T (0 votes)
    Parker (0 votes)

    "Broken By You" (14 votes)
    "Chameleon" (3 votes)
    "Day After Day" (3 votes)
    "Heart and Soul" (21 votes)
    "Lights On" (0 votes)
    "Run with It" (1 vote)
    "You'll Always Have Me" (1 vote)

    Jeth (0 votes)
    Johnabelle (3 votes)
    Laggie (23 votes)
    Leichel (4 votes)
    Michiley (7 votes)
    Thannah (8 votes)

    Some characters have already been Featured Articles, thus won…

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  • XJesiDuck

    Hai everyone! I want to hear your predictions for the second half of season 1.

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  • Mickyfickie


    This is the vote for the three Featured Articles of June 2016.

    Thank you for voting in May 2015. The May vote was very popular: there were 119 votes overall! That has been the most votes so far!

    Here are the results from the vote (the ones in bold are the featured articles):

    Annabelle (12 votes)
    Isaac (17 votes)
    Maggie (11 votes)
    Mary (1 vote)
    Nate (2 votes)

    "You'll Always Have Me" (5 votes)
    "Let's Get Lost" (2 votes)
    "Dandelion Love" (2 votes)
    "Heart and Soul" (2 votes)
    "Invincible" (2 votes)
    "Nobody Does It Better" (0 votes)
    "Day After Day" (2 votes)
    "Dancing in the Rain (1 vote)
    "Potent Love, Pour It Up" (4 votes)
    "Thunder Keeps Roaming" (1 vote)
    "I Found My Voice" (13 votes)
    "Can't Buy Fame" (1 vote)
    "Callin' Callin'" (0 votes)
    "True Love" (1 vote)


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  • Gabrielle.thomson
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  • Ceirraxoxxo


    April 9, 2016 by Ceirraxoxxo

    Hi, welcome to my blog. I think I will do mostly Top 10 Lists, but I'm not sure yet. Comment what I should do below!! 😀

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  • Mickyfickie


    Here are the results from this vote.

    Since four of them had one vote, I chose them by the most popularly-viewed on the wiki--which episode they are from.

    The ones with no votes I just randomly chose.

    1. John performs "Broken By You" (episode 1)
    2. The "Broken By You" drama at the party (episode 1)
    3. John reveals to Luke that "Broken By You" is about Michelle (episode 1)
    4. The van crashes (episode 14--I think)
    5. Maggie, Annabelle, Rachel and Leia share secrets (episode 9)
    6. Annabelle arrives at auditions (episode 4)
    7. Annabelle has not learnt the correct audition song (episode 4)
    8. John argues with Mr. T, trying to get Annabelle a second audition (episode 5)
    9. The musicians realize that Clara plagiarized a song (episode 11)
    10. Maggie is kicked out of the band (episode …

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  • TNSLover101

    Johnchelle !!

    April 4, 2016 by TNSLover101
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  • TNSLover101


    April 4, 2016 by TNSLover101
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  • TNSLover101
    1. Eva and John will kiss and Michelle will see them and there will be a thing like the Jiley break-up in season 2.
    2. Leia will get a professional job and leave the studio
    3. Eldon and North West will come and watch the band perform.
    4. Maggie will break the "Luke Truce".
    5. There will be a sing-off between two members.
    6. Theo will still be weird !!
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  • TNSLover101

    Eva and John ??

    April 3, 2016 by TNSLover101

    I was watching the COMING SOON trailer on YouTube and I saw the scene where John and Eva kiss. I thought John Loved Michelle ?

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  • TNSLover101


    April 3, 2016 by TNSLover101

    I was thinking about the whole audition thing, and I thought about battles between 1 member and the other member, tell me what U think ?

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  • Mickyfickie

    Comment down below the most surprising moments from Season 1.0 of Lost & Found Music Studios.

    Note: Not many moments from episodes 5 to 14 are listed, as I do not know what happened. If there are any moments that you want to vote for, but are not on the list, comment below.
    Also, some of these moments may have not happened in the show.


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  • Mickyfickie

    Featured: May 2016

    April 2, 2016 by Mickyfickie

    Vote here for the Featured Articles of May 2016!

    Here are the winners from April:

    • Song: "Original"
    • Character: John
    • Pairing: Juva (Jude & Eva)

    For Featured Articles from before April, click here.



    Note: I did not include Clara in this vote as she has already been Featured Character.

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  • TNSLover101

    I was watching episodes of TNS and Lost & Found and I realized that there are lots of references from opposing shows


    When Annabelle enters the studio she says "The Auditions Are In Here, Right".

    Michelle says "The Auditions Are In Here, Right" as she enters the studio


    John and Michelle date on the show.

    Michelle says that she has dated 3 of her "guy-friends" but she's only dated Eldon and Hunter on the show.

    Is there any other references ? (Tell Me, in the comments)

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  • Mickyfickie

    Lost & Found Wikia

    March 6, 2016 by Mickyfickie

    The Lost & Found Music Studios Wikia has been noticed by Lost & Found Music Studios! For the tweet, click here.

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  • Mickyfickie

    This is the vote for featured articles of April 2016. The vote will close on 1st April 2016.

    Here are the results for the featured article of March:

    • Character - Giselle
    • Song - "Tonight We Won't Come Down"
    • Pairing - Leuke (Leia and Luke)

    As per usual, I have not included articles in the vote that have already been featured in a previous month. Click here for results from previous. This time, I will only include articles for main characters (including James, Riley, Michelle and Giselle - but not the James or Giselle article since they have already been featured).

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  • Mickyfickie

    Featured: March 2016

    February 1, 2016 by Mickyfickie

    Hey, guys.

    I am running a vote for the featured articles for March 2016. If you are wondering why Leia, Clara, James (for characters) "Lost and Found", "Now is Our Time" and "See Through Me" (for songs) and Thiselle, Jiley and Johnchelle (for pairings) aren't there; it is because they have been featured already, quite recently.

    As it is currently a tie, we will choose the most visited page, if it does remains a tie until the end of the month.

    Thanks for voting.

    Also: if you were wondering why votes were not held on December 2015, and January and February 2016, the idea (of Featured) had not been formed and just went with the most viewed page from those specific months. Also feel free to request for new characters/songs/pairings to be added on t…

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