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Those girls are so cool and confident... the exact opposite of me.

— "Heart & Soul"

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Annabelle is a singer at Lost & Found Music Studios and in the girls' band. She is also a blogger/vlogger.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Annabelle learned how to sing and started a blog. Her parents got divorced, and as a result, she and her mother moved to the area.[1]

At a music festival, Annabelle was put on-stage, after falling off her dad's shoulders, and cries then wets herself, which was embarrassing for her. [2]

Season 1 Edit

Annabelle arrives at Lost & Found and fears she has made a bad impression, due to her bashfulness. She meets Maggie and quickly becomes good friends with her. Later in the day, Annabelle is informed by Maggie that there is a set audition song. Annabelle is in shock as she had already prepared her own audition song. As quickly as possible, she is taught the audition song by Maggie but does not have enough time to fully learn it. Annabelle auditions but forgets the lyrics and, tearfully, exits the room. When the day's auditions end, she sings the song that she intended to sing for her audition, with John and Luke secretly watching her.[1]

Annabelle Mr. T season 1 episode 5

Annabelle is permitted, by Mr. T, to re-audition.

Annabelle is picked up by John, having seen her singing abilities, and is sent to re-audition. Annabelle doesn't know that Mr. T hasn't approved of her auditioning which ensues in her being surprised, when she turns up, when he doesn't let her audition. After having John fight for her, Mr. T lets Annabelle re-audition. She auditions well,[3] securing her a place at Lost & Found.[4]

Annabelle partners up with Leia who is meant to mentor her. Annabelle is not actually mentored by Leia, as Leia is jealous about seeing Luke and Maggie together. Eventually, Leia abandons Annabelle, leaving her with Luke.[4]

Annabelle desires to join Live Choir and is advised by Isaac to just ask Leia. While eating a muffin, Annabelle is approached by Leia. Annabelle speaks unintelligibly which causes Leia to think that she wants to set up which she lets Annabelle do. Annabelle sets up and is dismissed, contrary to Annabelle's prediction of Leia inviting her. Annabelle is eventually invited by Leia, not knowing that she wanted to go. Annabelle feels welcome at Lost & Found, now being a part of Live Choir.[5]

Annabelle performs at Open Stage with Leia, Rachel and Maggie. They bond and decide to become a band.[2]

Rachel, Leia and Annabelle season 1 episode 12

Annabelle reacts to Maggie doing the gig without her bandmates.

Annabelle is excited to be allowed to open for Magenta City as part of the band's gig. After Maggie is told to sing lead by Reid, Annabelle votes, her vote being slightly influenced by Leia, to not do the gig and is in utter disbelief to see Maggie still performing at the gig with another band; this leads to Annabelle, as well as her other three bandmates, kicking Maggie out of the band.[6] However, after some time, Annabelle regrets making this decision[7] and wants Maggie back in the band. Annabelle talks to Rachel about this, and Maggie overhears. Annabelle is made to promise that if Maggie returns to the band, she will back her up, no matter what. She promises and, eventually, Maggie returns to the band.[8]

Personality Edit

Annabelle is usually talkative and described herself as "hyper".[7] On the other hand, she can be very shy and lacking in self-confidence.

Physical appearance Edit


Annabelle has dark, long wavy hair, light skin, and dark eyes.

Wardrobe Edit

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She wears large black-framed glasses. Annabelle often wears dark colours.

Relationships Edit

Maggie Edit

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Nice to meet you.

— to Maggie, "Heart & Soul"

Maggie annabelle heart and soul

Annabelle befriends Maggie.

Maggie is Annabelle's close friends. They first meet at auditions, where they quickly befriend one another.[1] They have only been on negative terms with one another once, when Maggie is kicked out of the band[6] but they eventually make up.[8]

John Edit

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John is Annabelle's loyal friend. Annabelle is allowed to re-audition because of John.[3]

Leia Edit

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In "Heart & Soul", Annabelle firstly meets Leia. As of "Dancing in the Rain", they are good friends, after being on bad terms (especially on Annabelle's side) after Annabelle is abandoned by Leia.[4] Annabelle wants to be Leias best friend as leia is very popular

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Trivia Edit

  • Annabelle's voice type is alto.[5]

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