Ali Willa[1] Milner (otherwise known by her stage name Willa[2]) plays Parker in Lost & Found Music Studios.

Biography Edit

Ali Milner was raised in Whistler, British Columbia.[3]

She released her first album at the age of 14,[2] and has been on the music scene for over fourteen years.[4] She has released plenty of music one of them being a single called "Stay the Night" under her stage name (Willa).[5]

She is best known for her roles in: If I Stay (2014) and the television show, Supernatural. She has also appeared as herself on Cover Me Canada and has had a minor role on Falling Skies.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • Ali currently lives in Vancouver.[4]
  • Her favourite kind of music is R&B hip-hop.[7]
  • Her favourite musical instrument is the bass guitar.[7]
  • Her stage name is Willa.[2]

Gallery Edit

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